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        Technologies Driving Change in the World 

        • Full-stack Technology

          Combining leading capabilities in both AI chip design and AI algorithm development 
          Synergistically driving development and application of AI

        • Deep Insights

          Applying broad industry experiences and deep insights in product development 
          Helping customers from various industries with core technical demands

        • Innovative Thinking

          Using challenging tasks to explore essential technical questions and test innovative solutions
          Pursuing innovative approach to technical development of AI with outside-of-the-box thinking

        • Large-scale Applications

          Large-scale commercial deployments and deep integration with industrial scenarios such as city management, health care, manufacture safety, transportation and Internet services

        • AI Computing Ecosystem

          Building an AI computing ecosystem to empower developers and end-users of AI technologies, break through scalability bottleneck and boost wide-spread adoptions

        AI Technologies Empowering Industries

        Focusing on empowering industry development with AI technologies and launching globally leading technologies and products in multiple areas.


        Practices Verify the Infinite Possibilities of an Intelligent World

        • YITU assisted Xiamen to build a Smart City

          In August of 2019, at the First China Artificial Intelligence Competition project collaboration and contract signing conference, YITU and Xiamen City entered into a strategic collaboration which involves YITU deeply in the top-level design and building of Xiamen's intelligent city while launching AI applications that deal with citizen livelihood and government affairs. Based on YITU's globally leading AI technologies, Xiamen, called a "high-class garden city full of innovation and beauty" by President Xi Jinping, will become the city with the highest degree of AI in the world.

        • YITU formulates “AI Map of Cancer Screening” in support of Plan of Healthy China 2030

          YITU Healthcare cooperates with hundreds of top medical institutions nationwide to use AI applications to improve their capabilities in providing medical services and to provide scientific evidence for early screening, diagnosis and treatment against high-risk cancers, scientific research and national public health decision, and to contribute to Plan of Healthy China 2030. YITU's “AI Map of Cancer Screening” for high-risk cancers can reduce the doctors’ workload, eliminate misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis, provide strong technical support for large-scale early screening of diseases, and drive cancer screening in China towards the "AI+" age.

        • YITU aids Ping An Bank in transforming to intelligent retailing

          Ping An Bank launched its smart finance project across China in 2017. After rounds of testing, YITU was selected among other mainstream service providers in the AI industry, and assisted Ping An Bank in successfully executing the project. As of July 2018, YITU has implemented the smart transformation at more than 60 of Ping An Bank's branches, helping Ping An Bank take its intelligent marketing to the next level by means of customer identification and others.

        • YITU helps Baoland Group embrace smart business parks

          YITU worked with Shanghai Baoland Plaza to integrate YITU building park solutions into the latter's security business and OA management procedures. The partnership resulted in the offering of convenient visitor, access and active security services while improving in-house operation and external property management service efficiency.

        • YITU helps Lincoln offer first-class customer service experience in its stores

          YITU's personalized marketing solutions for retail businesses were applied to Lincoln, a world-famous high-end luxury car brand. The solution helped the enterprise enable non-perceivable notifications about second-visit customers. YITU solutions are also connected to the system to help sales managers offer considerate and continued services to customers who pay multiple visits to stores within a short period of time. This creates a top-class store service and experience for customers.

        • YITU empowers Fuzhou to become the world’s first city fully integrated with advanced facial recognition technologies.

          In April 2018, the first Digital China Summit was successfully held in Fuzhou, Fujian Province. As a private enterprise with the capability of safeguarding national summits, YITU built an AI City model based on facial recognition which enables intelligent services in all sectors of life such as travel, lodging, park access and shopping. This connects all parts of life with AI technologies, and creates a prototype for building digital cities and digital life in the future.

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        YITU welcomes new partners
        to explore the promising future of AI together

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